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Warner Robins, Georgia - At the conclusion of the world-renowned Smart Cities and Intelligent Communities conference held as part of the Taiwan Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) announced the world's Smart21 Communities of 2024. Among these innovative communities is the City of Warner Robins Georgia, USA. This is the first year any city from Georgia has ever been named as a recipient.

The selection of Warner Robins as a Smart21 Community of 2024 highlights its dedication to leveraging innovation and technology to foster economic prosperity, social health, and cultural richness. This recognition underscores the city's commitment to implementing the six principles of the Community Accelerator Strategy, laying the groundwork for a robust and resilient community.

The Smart21 Communities of 2024 represent cities and counties from seven countries across five continents, showcasing a diverse array of approaches to building intelligent and sustainable communities. As a recipient of this prestigious accolade, Warner Robins joins a global network of forward-thinking municipalities dedicated to driving positive change through technology and collaboration on an international platform.

The City of Warner Robins was first invited to attend the international smart city conference to do a speech about the City’s digital twin city project in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (PIN), as well as the Houston County Development Authority, who assisted in the grant application for the PIN project. "We are honored to be recognized by the Intelligent Community Forum for this prestigious Smart21 Communities award" said Mayor LaRhonda W. Patrick. "This acknowledgment reflects the City’s commitment to Innovation, one of the 3 I’s I ran on during my campaign. The City of Warner Robins is officially on the map as an international leader in smart technology and our future is even brighter than I could have ever imagined.” Mayor Patrick thanks Chief Wayne Fisher, Officer Eric Gossman and the Warner Robins Police Department for their dedication in the operation of our smart city project. ."

The announcement of Warner Robins' inclusion as a Smart21 Community of 2024 took place during the Smart City Summit & Expo 2024, a premier gathering of thought leaders, government officials, technology executives, and industry experts. This event provided a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and exploring opportunities for collaboration and investment in smart city initiatives.

As part of the conference, Warner Robins, led by Mayor Patrick, presented a speech to an international audience with countries such as Germany, UAE and Mexico, participated in an insightful panel discussion with Canadian leaders and the Mayor of Woodstock, Georgia and engaged in various sessions developed by the ICF, the ICF Institute in Taiwan, and ICF Taiwan. She also had the opportunity to visit renowned institutions such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), exploring potential partnerships and investment opportunities in the City of Warner Robins for semiconductor technology and companies.

The recognition of Warner Robins, Georgia, as a Smart21 Community of 2024 underscores the

commitment of Mayor Patrick for the City of Warner Robins in fostering innovation and driving positive change in communities worldwide. As we continue to champion smart city initiatives, we look forward to collaborating with partners and stakeholders to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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