City Council

Mayor and members of the Warner Robins City Council

The City Council is the governing body for the City of Warner Robins and consists of the mayor and six council members. The council's structure is designed to represent all corners of Warner Robins: it includes the mayor, two members elected at-large by all city voters, and one representative from each of the four council districts, chosen by the residents within those districts. This structure ensures a balanced representation of all citizens, reflecting the diverse voices and interests within our community.


Derek Mack

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Councilman Charlie Bibb

Charlie Bibb

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Councilman Keith Lauritsen

Keith Lauritsen

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Councilman Kevin Lashley

Kevin Lashley

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Councilman Clifford Holmes, Jr.

Clifford Holmes

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Councilman Larry Curtis, Jr.

Larry Curtis, Jr.

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