Warner Robins Fire Department

The Warner Robins Fire Department is committed to serving the community with the highest degree of professionalism for life safety and property conservation. The services provided include fire prevention, fire safety education, fire suppression, emergency medical care, technical rescue, and hazardous materials response.


For more than 50 years, the Warner Robins Fire Department has a proud history of providing exceptional fire protection to the citizens of Warner Robins. We have grown from around 150 calls a year in 1959 to 6,596 calls in 2016. The department has seen numerous technological advances over the years and now uses state of the art equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, automatic external defibrillators, and mobile data terminals in the fire apparatus. The department has seen our apparatus usage transform from men riding on tailboards and only being able to supply 750 gallons of water per minute, to now riding in completely enclosed cabs and being able to supply 2000 gallons per minute from a single truck. The protective clothing and uniforms our firefighters wear are considerably safer than ever before. Even with all of the advances one thing has not changed - the dedication and hard work that the members put into the department to make it one of the premier departments in the state is still there.

Fire Service Area

Comprised of 123 permanent full-time employees, the Warner Robins Fire Department protects an area which spans 37 square miles. We provide fire protection services for over 70,000 citizens living in the City of Warner Robins. Three shifts, each with approximately 32 uniformed firefighters, rotate daily to man the six fire stations throughout the city. Added to this, the Warner Robins Fire Department has three Mutual Aid Agreements with neighboring fire suppression organizations to further strengthen the emergency services available to our communities.

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