Warner Robins Fire Department Mission Statement

To serve the community with the highest degree of professionalism for life safety and property conservation. In our community, we strive to make a difference by providing exceptional fire prevention, suppression, rescue, emergency medical care, and preparedness to control emergencies and hazardous situations. The Warner Robins Fire Department has obligated itself to serve by the highest of standards. Our commitment to ongoing training and education will ensure us to stay in the forefront of public safety. We are dedicated in being loyal to the citizens of our community and shall maintain honesty integrity and respect for others through all our endeavors.


The Department's inaugural building plans were unveiled by May 1958, which included a $38,000 structure equipped with cutting-edge equipment. However, it took until October 1959 for the station to be fully functional. In the absence of a dedicated phone line, citizen reports were crucial. The Department's expansion under the leadership of Chief Earnest Wood included new stations, equipment upgrades, and a 1969 consolidation with the police department, forming the "Public Safety Department." This consolidation reverted to separate entities in 1973. Chief Larry West's tenure, beginning in 1984, marked the introduction of medical training, which led to continued growth. By 1999, the Department became a regional leader in the Georgia Search & Rescue program under Chief Robert Singletary. Singletary's initiative included the Wellness Program and the relocation/construction of multiple fire stations. Chief Ross Moulton's appointment led to modernization, including implementing a Rapid Intervention Team, updated pay scale, equipment upgrade, and renovation of fire stations. Today, the Warner Robins Fire Department employs 124 dedicated personnel and boasts a fleet of specialized vehicles committed to cutting-edge practices.

Fire Service Area

The Warner Robins Fire Department, comprised of 124 permanent full-time employees, protects an area of 40 square miles. We provide fire protection services for over 80,000 City of Warner Robins citizens. Three shifts, each with approximately 32 uniformed firefighters, rotate daily to the seven fire stations throughout the city. Additionally, the Warner Robins Fire Department has three Mutual Aid Agreements with neighboring fire suppression organizations to strengthen the emergency services available to our communities.

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