Carolyn Robbins

City Council
Title: Councilwoman, Post 2
Carolyn Robbins

Carolyn Johnson Robbins was born in Dallas, TX, to John and Beatrice Johnson. As an Air Force military family they traveled quite a bit. In 1954, her father retired from the military and moved the family to Warner Robins where Carolyn's paternal grandparents lived. She began seventh grade at Rumble Junior High and graduated from Warner Robins High in 1960. After which she promptly married her high school sweetheart, Tony Robbins. Carolyn worked at Peggy Hale's, in Macon as an assistant manager before leaving to begin raising their children. She enjoyed working as a team mother while her three children played sports with the city recreation programs which included basketball, softball, and football. Carolyn also served as a Girl Scout leader for many years.

During this time, Carolyn attended a local business school and decided to return to work in 1978 she was offered a job at the City of Warner Robins where she started at the Utility Department in customer service. She continued working in progressively more responsible positions within the City of Warner Robins, from Tax Clerk to Tax Clerk Supervisor, making her extensively familiar with the daily operation of the government. She was an assistant to the City Clerk, Clayton Mays, as well as administrative assistant to Mayor Ralph Johnson. In 1999 Carolyn was appointed to the position of City Clerk and General Administration Department Head until her retirement in 2007.

Throughout Carolyn's 29 year career, she was privileged to work under four mayors and was known for her ability to be a team player. Carolyn was well-respected in her supervisory positions for both her experience and her sense of fair play. Her knowledge of municipal and state laws / regulations as it pertains to the operation of city government is quite an asset. Her experience with the responsibilities to the mayor and council form of government is unmatched, along with her ability to problem-solve and get along with others even when they do not share the same opinion. Carolyn is determined to see the City of Warner Robins move forward in a direction that is planned for the future benefit of the whole community. She is tireless, energetic, thoughtful, bright, and able to work through difficult circumstances. "It is amazing what can be accomplished when you don't care who gets the credit" is how Carolyn approaches her work. 

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