Property 2

To claim your property, call the Property Unit at (478) 302-5396 to schedule an appointment.

Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 3:30pm.  

No walk-ins allowed. You must schedule an appointment. 


The primary duty of the Property Unit is to log, classify, store, dispense, destroy, and release property/evidence to its rightful owner, for court presentation, and/or for destruction or auction.

  •  Evidence: Property is generally held until the conclusion of any pending court action. Subsequently, the prosecuting attorney may forward a Disposal Order certifying that the property is no longer needed for court and may be disposed.
  • Found Property: Found property and/or unattended property is taken into custody for safeguarding until the owner is located. This property is held for 30 days while attempts to locate the owner are made.
  • Safekeeping: Property is held for 90 days and attempts to contact the owner are made, either by mailing the owner a card or providing an arrestee with a Retention Form indicating the property will be destroyed if not picked up.