Athletics Facility Rentals

Softball Field Rentals

Our athletics fields are available for reservation. Softball fields can be reserved for the second weekend in April through the end of October. We begin taking reservations for these dates beginning the first of January. To reserve a field or fields, you must fill out a contract at the Warner Robins Recreation Department. For additional information or questions, please contact the Athletics department at 478-293-1070.

*Remember that if you would like to utilize a pavilion or building with your field rental, you will need to contact the Programs department at 478-293-1080*


 $100 per day per field without lights

$150 per day per field with lights

***These fees subject to change.***

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts can be reserved year round for our 3 tennis court facilities. We have 10 courts at our Recreation Department and 4 courts at Ted Wright Park. Reservations may not be made prior to January first of each calendar year. To reserve courts, you may come by the Recreation Department and get a permit.


Courts at all facilities are $1 per court per hour.

Fountain Pool Rental

Fountain Pool is available for reservations the third weekend in May through the third weekend in August. We begin taking reservation for the current year on the first working day in January. For all reservations, Warner Robins Parks and Recreation will provide lifeguards. All pool rentals have a 2 hour minimum time requirement. To rent Fountain Pool, a contract must be completed at the Warner Robins Recreation Department. For more information or questions, contact the Athletics office at 478-293-1070.

*remember that if you would like to reserve the pavilion, you need to contact Programs at 478-293-1080*


1-50 swimmers- 2 lifeguards- $60 per hour
51-100 swimmers- 3 lifeguards- $70 per hour
101-175 swimmers- 4 lifeguards- $80 per hour