Keep Warner Robins Beautiful

Mission: To provide education to the public and promote interest in the improvement of the environment in Warner Robins  


Keep Warner Robins Beautiful were recently notified they are recipients of the Clean Trail Program grant funded by Extreme Terrain.  Keep an eye out here for a new project listing when funds are received.

  1. Tiffany Bowen

    Keep Warner Robins Beautiful Manager
    Phone: 478-929-7258

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KWRB’s Annual Programs-

Great Christmas Tree Roundup/Bring One for the Chipper- January, 9th, 2021  

Residents will be able to drop off their live Christmas trees from January 2nd-8th, but the seedling giveaway will only take place on January 9th, 2021. Flint Energies has sponsored 1,000 tree seedlings for this event.  Trees that are dropped off will be chipped up used for mulch in local parks or placed in lakes as fish habitats.    

Arbor Day/Seedling Giveaway- February, 20, 2021

In honor of Arbor Day, Flint Energies has sponsored 1,000 tree seedlings to be given away at Kroger on Highway 96 for this event!  

Earth Day- April 

Chunk-A-Junk- April 

Have a junk car you want to get rid of but don’t want to pay to have it towed? KWRB has partnered with Warner Robins Wrecker and Towing for this program to offer it for free to the citizens of Warner Robins! 

Tire Amnesty Event- April 2021

As Grant funds all Houston County, Warner Robins, and Perry representatives partner to collect tires free of charge from citizens.  All tires must be removed from rims prior to being turned in!

Great American CleanupÔ- All year, with a focus of March-May

The GAC is the nation’s largest annual cleanup.  During this time citizens are prompted to take an even greater responsibility in their local environment by conducting grassroots community service projects that engage not only volunteers, but local businesses and civic leaders as well.  During this time coordinated community events that fall into the categories of cleanup, greening, education, and recycling are focused on.  

Senior Citizen Flower Show- May

In celebration of Keep American Beautiful’s Great American CleanupÔ, Keep Warner Robins sponsors an annual Senior Citizen Flower Show for members of the Senior Citizens Social Club.  Participants compete in three categories, Cut Specimen, Container Grown Plant, and Floral Arrangements.  Each contestant also has the opportunity to be recognized for Best of Show.   

Litter Index Survey- August

As an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, the Litter Survey is an annual requirement.  Each year board members and volunteers for KWRB conduct a litter survey over the course of two days surveying the amount of litter in specific areas across Warner Robins.  The data collected is then complied and compared to the previous years.  

Shred Day- October (2021 Date TBD)- Shred Day, Sponsored by Robins Financial Credit Union and Happy Hour, is an annual event ordinarily hosted in the spring, where citizens are invited to bring documents they need shredded. Shred Monster shred the documents on site for a worry free guarantee! 

Volunteer Award Banquet- October (suspended for 2020 Due to COVID)

Every year KWRB likes to recognize the volunteers who work hard to keep Warner Robins beautiful with an awards banquet! 

Rivers Alive- November 

Every year KWRB hosts a cleanup of Bay Gall Creek as part of the continuing statewide campaign to clean and preserve over 70,000 miles of Georgia’s rivers and streams.  On most occasions, Bay Gall Creek is a dry bed, but in the years when rain is heavy volunteers get to wade into the waters to clean out debris swept through the channel.  This year volunteers pulled items ranging from benches, basketballs, roller-skates, all the way to car fenders out of the creek.  

Home of the Month- Monthly (Postponed due to COVID- will Resume January 2021).  Home of the Month winners receive a gift card from Warner Robins supply, and are entered in the running for Home of the Year.  

Business of the Month-Monthly (Postponed due to COVID- will Resume January 2021) Business of the Month Winners receive a plaque from Harris Trophies. 

Clean Campus Award- Monthly during the school year (Postponed due to COVID- will Resume January 2021) School winners receive a check for their library. 

Adopt-A-Spot (Roads/Parks/Highways)- All year! You and your organization can contact KWRB to find out which road or parks are available to adopt in Warner Robins.  Once a “spot” is adopted, organizations arrange cleanups based on their schedule and number of volunteers.  Cleanup supplies are signed out from KWRB for the cleanup and turned back in once the event is complete.  

School Demonstrations- KWRB makes appearances schools of all ages, from daycare to elementary, middle and high school to conduct demonstrations on water pollution, storm drains, and litter prevention. 


Throughout the State of Georgia and the nation, the realization is dawning.  Water is our most precious resource!  When you consider that we are drinking the SAME water the dinosaurs drank, that we ALL live downstream, and that water is NOT a renewable resource, it is easy to understand the need to conserve and protect our water resources.

Since we all live downstream from someone, water pollution should be everyone’s concern.  With non-point source pollution coming from a wide variety of sources, it may surprise you to know there are things you can do to help prevent it; and conserve and protect our water resource.

An EnviroScape is an exciting, and interactive educational tool that addresses point and non-point source water pollution.  Everybody wants to play, and everybody learns from this one-of-a-kind demonstration project.  The portable, three-dimensional EnviroScape uses “rain” from a spray bottle to show pollution coming from urban, rural and industrial areas.  The rain carries soil (cocoa), fertilizer and pesticides (powdered drink mix), and oil (more cocoa) downhill to a lake, where the effects of the pollution become plainly visible.  The watershed model then shows ways to help prevent non-point source pollution. 

The objective of the EnviroScape presentation is to use a balanced approach to clearly demonstrate individual responsibility for water pollution - and its prevention.

For additional information, or to schedule an EnviroScape presentation for your class or organization, please contact the Keep Warner Robins Beautiful office, 929-7258.

In the end, we will conserve only what we love.  We will love only what we understand.  We will understand only what we are taught.” –Baba Dioum