Firefighter of the Year

Warner Robins Fire Department Firefighter of the Year

Beginning in 1978, the Warner Robins Fire Department selected a member to be recognized as firefighter of the year based on outstanding achievements and exemplary job performance.

1978Pete Lamendola
1979Johnny Lowder
1980Richard Murray
1981Debbie Frost
1982Alan Hickman
1983Wendell Dennis
1984George Werner
1985Randy Davis
1986James Sorrow
1987Charlie Scott
1988Mickey Stephens
1989Bobby Wood
1990None selected
1991None selected
1992Randy Mullis
1993David Dixon
1994None selected
1995Scott Renfroe
1996Jeff Stewart
1997James Franklin
1998Larry Warren
1999Scott Renfroe
2000Scotty Durham
2001The 343 firefighters who died on September 11, 2001 in New York City
2002Dean Christian
2003Mike Thorn
2004Tony Stacey
2005Jeff Anderson
2006Ross Moulton
2007Scott Brantley
2008Tony Rozier
2009Chris Cannady
2010Brandon Sisa
2011Russell Oakley
2012Troy Hamilton
2013Jeremy Sullivan
2014Ned Dixon

Rookie Firefighter of the Year

In 2012, the department decided to select a rookie firefighter of the year to be honored as well.

  • Clint Evans, 2012
  • Chad Shelton, 2013
  • Eric Thigpen, 2014