Signs of a Leak Inside

Important Safety Message

It's best to be safe: if you smell a strong gas odor right now,

  • Don't touch or turn off your computer
  • Leave the area

After you go someplace away from the odor, call the City of Warner Robins Gas Department at 478-293-1045. If you don't know that number, dial emergency services, 911.

Natural Gas Leak Detection

The National Transportation Department's Safety Board findings show that underground pipelines provide the highest level of public safety compared to other transportation modes. Leaks from a natural gas pipeline are very rare, however, it is important to know how to recognize the signs of a gas leak and what to do if there were one to occur in your area.

Signs of a Possible Leak Inside a Structure

Your nose is the best source for detecting leaks indoors – inside any building or structure. If you smell an odor that has the distinct scent of sulfur or rotten eggs there may be a gas leak. If the odor is faint, you should check the stove first for an unlit pilot light or a burner that's not completely turned off. If the odor is sudden and very powerful, you may have an indoor leak.

If You Suspect an Inside Leak

  • Clear all occupants from the structure and immediately leave the area.
  • Call the City of Warner Robins Gas Department at 478-293-1045 or call 911.

Do Not

  • Turn on or off any electrical switch or appliance of any kind
  • Use a phone or flashlight

These items can cause an electrical spark that could ignite the gas and cause an explosion.

Do not return to the structure until it has been checked by the City of Warner Robins Gas Department and the area has been declared safe.