City Gas System

Pipeline Safety

The City of Warner Robins is committed to providing natural gas services to it's customers in a safe and reliable manner. The safe operation of the system is our primary goal. The city utilizes safe practices during the installation, operation and maintenance of our gas system in accordance with federal, state and local governmental regulations. In addition, our system is extensively regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission and the Federal Department of Transportation which oversees the Office of Pipeline Safety.

The City of Warner Robins works to ensure continual safe operation of the system by routine pipeline inspections, monitoring and testing and through the Pipeline Integrity Management Program. The city only employs trained and qualified personnel to operate and maintain the gas system.

System Summary

The City of Warner Robins operates both distribution and transmission gas lines and receives its gas from the Southern Natural Gas Company by way of two connection points called "city gates" located near Jeffersonville in Twiggs County. The city's distribution line comes from the City Gate #2 and provides gas service to residential, commercial and industrial users via a network of 8-inch, 6-inch, 4-inch, and 2-inch steel lines, and 4-inch and 2-inch polyethylene lines. The service lines to individual homes and businesses are typically ½-inch to ¾-inch in diameter, and buried 12 to 18 inches deep.

The city's transmission line comes from the City Gate #3 and provides a high pressure/high volume gas to large industrial users only. The city conducts additional monitoring and patrolling of the transmission line in accordance with the Pipeline Integrity Management Program to provide maximum safety in the delivery of gas services.

The City of Warner Robins serves over 13,000 homes and businesses with natural gas.

Public Awareness

Along with the information provided by this website, the City of Warner Robins has an extensive program in place to ensure that the public is properly informed about our natural gas system. We continually work with the Georgia One Call Center to provide information to the public about safety and protection of our underground pipelines. It is important that local landowners, private contractors and utilities are aware of pipeline locations, emergency procedures and the telephone numbers of key agencies. An informed public can help to ensure the continued safe operation of our pipelines.