How the City Buys

How the City Purchases

The City of Warner Robins has a centralized purchasing function. All purchases require the Purchasing Department issue a purchase order.

Purchasing Department Function

The Purchasing Department acts as the liaison between all vendors and the city. Salesmen are welcome during office hours, but it is suggested and recommended that you do make an appointment with the appropriate buyer so that both your time and the buyer's time may be more efficiently utilized.


All purchases of supplies, equipment, and contractual services having a projected cost in excess of $10,000 are purchased on the basis of formal, written, competitive, and sealed bids. All purchases valued $5,000.00 or greater must be taken to a council session and approved by the mayor and council. The City of Warner Robins bid documents and response envelopes must be used and are supplied by the Purchasing Department. Purchases valued at less than $5,000 are made by the purchasing staff soliciting either verbal or written quotations from at least three vendors.

Emergency Purchasing

In case of an emergency, and with the consent of no less than three council members and the mayor, the Purchasing Department may purchase necessary supplies, materials, or equipment without the formal bidding process. This may be carried out only when it is absolutely essential that such purchases be made in order to safeguard city property or to provide services which affect the life, health, or convenience of the citizens of Warner Robins.