Doing Business

How To Do Business With The City of Warner Robins

The purpose of these instruction are to acquaint you and other representatives who wish to sell to the City of Warner Robins with the procedures followed by the Purchasing Department in carrying out the purchasing activities for the City of Warner Robins. Familiarity with these procedures will assist you considerably in presenting your product or service to the city. It will also assist in developing cordial and businesslike relationships. This information is intended as a general guide and as such, may not respond to all the questions that you may have. If you have questions which are not answered here, please come by or call.

Introducing Your Project

The City of Warner Robins engages in a variety of activities in providing municipal services for its residents. These include gas and water distribution, street maintenance, parks and recreation facilities, planning and zoning, building inspection services, fire and police protection. A variety of equipment, supplies, and services must be purchased for the departments performing these services. The Purchasing Department purchases these requirements.

Products & Services

While it is beyond the scope of this brochure to list all of the products and services which the city buys, the Purchasing Department is interested in your product or service if the city requires it. Therefore, it is important to both you and the city that your product or service be introduced in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The following information will assist you to introduce your product or service to the Purchasing Department.