Bidding Procedures

Procedures of Bidding

Specific bidding procedures have been established by the city to conform to the requirements established in the City of Warner Robins Code and provide for uniform treatment of all vendors. It is important that each vendor be familiar with the following requirements and adheres to them. The purchasing procedures, including these requirements, are discussed in the following sections of this brochure.

Notice of Invitation to Bid

The City of Warner Robins initiates the process of purchasing by formal competitive bids. Invitations for bids, proposals, and quotations may also be mailed to vendors whose names are maintained on a bidder list. This list is maintained in the Purchasing Department for each class of commodity and service, which is regularly purchased by the city. The names and addresses of vendors who furnish the required products or services and who have indicated an interest in being contacted when the city purchases such items are maintained on a current basis. Vendors that do not respond after receiving three consecutive invitations will be deleted from the bidders list. Please ensure that you respond if you wish to remain on the mailing list, even if you do not submit a bid. Application for placement on a bidder list may be made in person at the Purchasing Department Office, in an email, or by letter.


One of the most important factors in determining what a city buys is the requirement of the User Department. This requirement is not necessarily the best nor the least expensive of a particular commodity. The city determines specific quality levels for each individual application. That is, the item that is both economical and deemed most suitable for the particular use. The quality or function required in an item or service is identified in a specification and these may become quite technical. In some instances a brand name may be used. In either case, the specification is an expression of the quality level required and not a preference for a particular name brand item. Name brands are meant to be descriptive and not restrictive. Vendors with products meeting or exceeding the quality requirements are invited to bid although the brand name of their product may not be mentioned in the specifications.

Submission of Formal Bids

Bids must be submitted on the forms and in the envelopes provided by the city. Completion of the form constitutes the most convenient method for both the city and the vendor. If a vendor cannot bid on all items, the bidder should mark the items on which there is no bid with the words: no bid. Care should be taken that all amounts on the bid form are correct. Extensions should be checked to ensure their accuracy. In case of a difference between the unit price and the extended totals, the unit price shall prevail. In cases of difference between the written words and figures, the amount stated in written words shall govern. A representative must sign the bid, or official of the bidder who has authority to bind that company, in the place so designated on the bid form.

Applicable Taxes

The City of Warner Robins is exempt from all State Sales Tax (#076-87-00652-1) and Federal Excise Tax (#58-6000693).

Delivery Dates

Vendors should always state the number of days required before the delivery of a product will be made or indicate the specific date upon which delivery will be made. The time required for delivery may be one of the most important considerations in determining who shall be awarded the bid. Successful bidders are expected to deliver materials and/or services in which they are providing within the specified time. Late deliveries could jeopardize award of future orders.

Payment Terms

Bidders must ensure that payment terms are specifically stated on their proposal. The offering of a discount for prompt payment is often a decisive factor as to whether a particular vendor is the low bidder. Cash discounts are always deducted from the base bid in determining the low bidder.

Shipping Point

All bids are to be submitted as specified in the bid documents with the bid to include all shipping and delivery charges to the specified address. Any variations from this requirement must be clearly described in the bidder's written response.


Bidders should always closely examine the bid documents to determine if they are required to submit samples with a bid. When samples are requested they will be held until the award is made unless otherwise specified. If a bidder wishes to submit a sample of the bid product for trial or use, the product must be presented at no obligation to the city. Samples required for the city will pay for prolonged testing. Samples must not be left with city employees without prior arrangements being made by the Purchasing Department.

Submitting the Bids

All bids must be properly identified and submitted in the envelope, which has been provided by the Purchasing Department. If using an envelope not provided by the city it must clearly state the bidder's company name, the bid number, and the bid opening date on the outside of the envelope.

Bid Sureties

Bid sureties may be required with specific formal bids. They are required as a guarantee that the successful bidder will accept the order and will perform at the price noted on the bid. A bid deposit can be in the form of a bidders bond or a certified check in an amount not less than 5% of the maximum bid. The city as compensation shall use the proceeds of the bid security for any damages sustained by it by reason of the failure within the allotted time. It shall be understood and agreed that the damages sustained by the city in such event will be at least the difference between the amount of the bid to whom the contract was awarded and such greater amount as the city may be required to pay in a contract entered into pursuant to any other bid submitted under the invitation for bid or any subsequent invitations but in no event greater than an amount equal to 5% of the base bid. After bids have been opened, read, tabulated, and checked the bids and the bid security submitted by the low bidders for each section of the work will be held by the city for a maximum of 30 days. All other bid securities will be returned immediately. The bid securities submitted by the bidders will be returned to them after the execution of a contract and providing of suitable bond by the successful bidder.


The successful bidder shall give satisfactory evidence to the owner that he carries workers' compensation, in accordance with State Workmen's Compensation Laws, and public liability and property damage insurance in sufficient amounts to ensure adequate coverage of the work, with the following minimum amounts acceptable:

  • Workman's Compensation & Builders Risk 100%
  • Comprehensive General Liability 1M/3M/50K
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Liability 1M/3M/50K

The Contractor shall hold harmless, indemnify, and defend the owner, its' officers, employees, or agents, from any and all liability claims, losses, or damages herein, but not including the sole negligence of the owner.

Bid Opening

All formal bids are opened and read publicly at a location stated in the invitation to bid at the time and date shown in the bid documents. The procurement manager, the City Clerk, or his/her designee will preside over the bid openings. A cordial invitation is extended to all bidders; sales representatives, press, and interested public to be present at all bid openings.

Tabulations & Awards

The Purchasing Department and the User Department evaluate all submissions. The bid will be awarded to the responsible bidder whose bid will be most advantageous to the City of Warner Robins with price and other factors considered. The city will make said determination.

Right to Reject Bids

The City of Warner Robins reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive all formalities. The city reserves the right to accept or reject any specific item or group of items on a bid unless the vendor states that the entire bid must be accepted in total. If a vendor finds that an error has been made in a submission, a written request must be made to withdraw the bid and an alternative bid submitted containing the correct information must be submitted prior to the specified time and date.