Fire Stations

Warner Robins Fire Stations

All the fire stations for the Warner Robins Fire Department incorporate a day room for training and down time. Each station also has a fully-functioning kitchen with modern appliances, bunk rooms, and at least two full bathrooms. With the exception of station three, all the stations have a laundry room so the personnel can wash their uniforms and bedding. Each station also has a fitness area so that on duty personnel can work out and maintain fitness levels. We welcome visitors at any of our fire stations.

Station 1Station 1

Station 1, also known as West-Wood Fire Station, is located on North Pleasant Hill Road. This station was opened on February 17, 2007. The station houses two lieutenants, five firefighters, and the shift commander. The crew is divided between an engine company and ladder company. The facility also incorporates the administrative offices for the department. Adjacent to the headquarters building, the fire prevention offices are located in a renovated house at 109 North Pleasant Hill Road.

  • Station 1 - Headquarters
    111 North Pleasant Hill Road
    Warner Robins, GA 31093
  • Phone: 478-293-1031

Station 3Station 3

Station 3, located on Chestnut Road, was opened on August 11, 1963. Station 3 houses four personnel and runs one engine company. The station also houses a reserve engine.

  • Station 3
    117-A Chestnut Road
    Warner Robins, GA 31088
  • Phone: 478-929-1927

Station 4Station 4

Station 4, located on Houston Road, was opened on June 23, 2004. The station houses four personnel, one engine, and one reserve engine.

  • Station 4
    901 North Houston Road
    Warner Robins, GA 31093
  • Phone: 478-293-1557

Station 5Station 5

Station 5, located on Sandy Run Road, was opened in September 1987. This station houses four personnel and one engine.

  • Station 5
    709 Sandy Run Road
    Warner Robins, GA 31088
  • Phone: 478-929-6962

Station 6Station 6

Station 6, located on Osigian Boulevard, was opened in March of 1999. It is the only two-story station in Warner Robins. Station 6 houses five personnel, one engine, one ladder truck, and our brush truck. The second story serves as a classroom along with our training division offices. This station also houses all of our "tent city" cache, including a tractor trailer used to haul this equipment.

  • Station 6
    701 Osigian Boulevard
    Warner Robins, GA 31088
  • Phone: 478-971-4419

Station 7Station 7

Station 7, located on Lake Joy Road, was opened on December 12, 2006. This station houses four personnel, one engine, and a reserve engine. The two fire-safety houses and the mobile command unit are also housed here. In addition to serving as a fire station, the police department operates a satellite station at this location.

  • Station 7
    955 Lake Joy Road
    Warner Robins, GA 31088
  • Phone: 478-293-1033

Station 8

Station 8, located off Highway 96, was opened on July 6, 2015. This station houses 4 personnel and one engine.

  • Station 8
    91 Victory Way
    Bonaire, GA 31005
  • Phone: 478-302-5580