Fire SuppressionSuppression Division

Before 1959, fires in the City of Warner Robins were handled by Robins Air Force Base firefighters. In 1959, Fire Chief Earnest Wood hired the original ten firefighters to form the Warner Robins Fire Department (WRFD).

Modern firefighters must increase their knowledge in a variety of disciplines and continuously hone their skills. The Suppression Division of the Warner Robins Fire Department now consists of 108 members out of 123 total fire department personnel. We have three shifts that work 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off. The shift commanders are responsible for seven stations, seven engines, two aerials, and two brush trucks. We currently have a Class 2 Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating.


The Warner Robins Fire Department responded to 6,596 calls in 2016. Approximately 70% of these were medical calls. The calls to which we are dispatched are very diverse in nature. They range from structure fires to rescuing dogs from drainage culverts. To provide expertise in all areas of firefighting, firefighters must be trained in a variety of disciplines. Every member of the Suppression Division is trained as a first responder, EMT, or paramedic.

Physical Training

Firefighting is a very strenuous job. Firefighters must maintain a high level of physical fitness. To meet that objective the Suppression Division has two certified peer fitness trainers and four peer fitness advisors. The peer fitness trainers are very knowledgeable in all aspects of physical conditioning and they are responsible for maintaining physical fitness records, recording the progress of firefighters, and assisting firefighters in any needs they may have regarding their physical fitness.


The members of the Warner Robins Fire Department Suppression Division from 1959 to the present have a history of increasing their knowledge and perfecting their skills to do the best job they possibly can to protect the citizens of Warner Robins and the State of Georgia.