Special Operations

Special Operations Equipment

View the vehicles and equipment used for the Special Operations Division.

Dive Team Response Vehicle

The dive team response vehicle is a Ford ambulance that has been renovated to serve as the dive truck. It's used on emergency scenes where personnel may be requested to search for victims, weapons and/or assist in rescue situations.

Mobile Command Unit

The mobile command unit is used for local, state and/or multi-state disasters. It's also used as a command post when assisting other agencies.

Ground Search & Rescue

The Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) Trailer is used to store and transport our GSAR Logistics Cache. Also known as "Tent City", it is used at large disaster scenes to house and sustain personnel for extended periods.


The tractor trailer is used to haul our GSAR logistics cache.

Training / Education Equipment

The fire safety house is used by the Warner Robins Fire Department for educating the public about fire safety. Our department currently has two fire safety houses.