Community Efforts

Muscular Dystrophy Association Fundraising
The Warner Robins Fire Department has been raising money to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) since 1989. In our first year, we raised over $22,000 and have progressively increased that amount over the years. During our best year, we donated over $132,000. Our fundraising efforts have included such events as boot drives, golf tournaments, softball tournaments, barbeque sales, gospel sings, calendars, and raffles. We have received numerous Golden Axe Awards for raising the most money among non-union fire departments.

Who It Benefits
Raising money for MDA has given our fire department the opportunity to interact with the public on a more personal level and enabled us to assist with a very worthwhile cause. We have spent time with the families affected by these disorders and have seen firsthand the benefits reaped from our efforts. The money we raise directly benefits those in our area by providing shots, funding research, aiding in the purchase of medical equipment needed by the patient, sending children to camp, and assisting with various other services.

Annual Contributions
Year Funds
1989 $22,278.93
1990 $30,775.08
1991 $38,023.17
1992 $59,507.48
1993 $68,150.00
1994 $91,940.00
1995 $107,206.00
1996 $110,215.62
1997 $114,583.13
1998 $109,000.00
1999 $114,379.14
2000 $125,534.76
2001 $125,550.00
2002 $128,799.27
2003 $128,512.56
2004 $130,650.00
2005 $132,125.26
2006 $109,629.23
2007 $113,154.41
2008 $104,811.69
2009 $110,000.00
2010 $113,808.46
2011 $115,000.00
2012 $110,000.00
2013 $105,000.00
2014   $104,000.00
2015  $112,000.00
2016  $112,000.00

Mayor’s Christmas Motorcade
The Georgia Municipal Association began the Mayor’s Christmas Motorcade in 1958 as a way of providing holiday gifts for the patients of Georgia’s mental health hospitals. Each year the Warner Robins Fire Department assists in this program by purchasing and delivering gifts to the patients at a designated hospital. This is made possible by the generous donations of local civic organizations.

Kids Yule Love
Each of our fire stations is a donation point for Christmas gifts donated to Kids Yule Love. Boxes are set out in mid-November and, as gifts accumulate, they are collected by Kids Yule Love staff who distribute them to less fortunate children in the Middle Georgia area.