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Spend some time in Warner Robins. Located in the economically robust heart of Georgia, Warner Robins is also centrally located to everything wonderful about the South. Within a 150 mile radius are both the mountains and seacoasts; busy metros and lazy heartlands. Within its own city limits, Warner Robins offers all the best of modern Southern life, from hometown tradition to high-tech entertainment. Coupled with abundant resources and a hardworking labor force, the people of the Warner Robins area are accepting the challenge as one of Georgia's most progressive communities. Warner Robins is a great place to live, work and play

Humble Beginnings

When it comes to phenomenal growth, one would have to search far and wide to top the Warner Robins success story. From slightly over 50 souls in 1940 to over 62,000 today, Warner Robins ranks as one of Georgia's fastest growing cities. Amazingly, the city continues to accept the challenge of turning growing pains into progress and prosperity.

Warner Robins actually began its existence as the little hamlet of Wellston, located 18 miles south of Macon and 17 miles northeast of Perry, the county seat of Houston County. At that time, little Wellston had a population of 52 residents and was surrounded by peanut patches and cornfields. The impact of World War II had a direct effect on Wellston because it was selected as the site for an Army Air Corps Depot. The depot was named in honor of Brigadier General Augustine Warner Robins in 1940.

In 1943, by an act of the Georgia Assembly, the new community of Warner Robins was officially chartered and incorporated. Both the Base and the community have grown hand in hand since that time.

Things haven't been all roses, however. Following World War II, Robins Air Force Base was cut back drastically. Many of the people who had come to the new town moved away and the town's progress lagged. However, several hundred citizens chose to stay and many former civil service and military personnel became the backbone of the community as they created new businesses and made their roots in Warner Robins.

Explosive Growth

The Korean conflict resulted in the Base being suddenly reactivated and people began pouring in again. The growth and construction that followed made Warner Robins a boomtown. The sound of the air hammer and sight of new buildings and homes hasn't ceased since.

The community of Warner Robins has earned the reputation as one of Georgia's fastest growing cities. Starting from 52 people, it has become the 9th largest city in the State. Estimates place the current population at 62,000 with more than 75,000 living within a 10-mile radius of the city.

Today, Robins Air Force Base is firmly established as the largest Air Force Base in the South, as well as Georgia's largest single industry. It requires more than 20,000 military and civilian personnel representing an annual payroll exceeding 600 million dollars.

Local Attractions

Fully credited by the Georgia Certified City Program, Warner Robins has accomplished important civic improvements necessary to enhance the city's attractiveness to potential new business and industry. Georgia's "International City" has a record of fine schools, a superior record of law and order, and one of the most outstanding recreational programs in the southeast.

The city is known throughout Middle Georgia as an outstanding shopping center with more than 1,000 retail businesses throughout the city limits. Shoppers have the added incentive of ample free parking. Since infancy, there have never been any parking meters in Warner Robins.