Economic Development

History of the Area

The City of Warner Robins is an energetic, young town by American standards. Incorporated during World War II in the heart of Georgia's farmland, the town has existed to serve Robins Air Force Base ever since. As the town grew west from the base, it did so at the rapid pace of the automobile, rather than at the pace of human beings like older communities in the region. By necessity, Warner Robins expanded quickly, constructing its roads, buildings and public facilities for function rather than form.

Today, the future of Robins Air Force Base seems assured, and the citizens of Warner Robins have become secure in the permanence of their town and are ready to create a more vibrant, pleasant community.

Creation of the Resource Team

The Quality Growth Resource Team for Warner Robins was brought together in July, 2002 through a collaboration with the City of Warner Robins, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and the Georgia Quality Growth Partnership, a state-wide coalition of government agencies, universities, non-profits and business groups working to provide technical assistance on "smart growth" issues to Georgia communities.

The resource team focused their study on the in-town areas of Warner Robins, generally bounded by Highway 247 and Robins Air Force Base to the east, Russell Parkway on the south, Pleasant Hill Road on the west, and Green Street on the north.

The Redevelopment Agency was formed, May 2007, to implement the Urban Redevelopment Plan.