Storm Drain Marking Campaign

Marking Storm Drain Inlets

Marking storm drains seeks to curb stormwater pollution through hands-on, service learning techniques like storm drain stenciling and marking. Storm drain marking is the labeling of storm drain inlets with messages that make people aware not to dump anything down the drain. It is a worthwhile, educational program designed to make volunteer groups and the public aware of the pollutants in our storm water.

Sources of Pollution

Storm drain inlets such as curb inlets along our streets and yard inlets located in ditches and yards, act as a conduit to local streams. Unlike household drains that drain directly to the City's wastewater treatment plant, storm drains travel underground directly to our streams untreated. And when water is contaminated with pollutants, such as oils, dirt, litter, it creates stormwater pollution.

You Can Help

To help organize an Inlet Marking project in your neighborhood or to get students involved, please contact George Brannen, Asst. Director of Public Works; City of Warner Robins; 478-929-1934 or email us.

What you'll receive.

  • A stenciling / marking kit
  • An information packet about stormwater pollution
  • An information flyer