Stormwater Compliance Department

Warner Robins Stormwater Management Office

The City of Warner Robins Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) is responsible for the management and regulation of stormwater and drainage issues within the city. The city has set up a Stormwater Utility (SW Utility) and the SWMP is funded via a stormwater user fee charge, as well as other secondary funding sources such as plan review fees.

Stormwater Utility Credit Technical Manual

This manual outlines the methodology for the Warner Robins Stormwater Utility customers to secure and maintain a potential stormwater utility rate credit(s) for their property.

Storm Drain Marking Campaign

Marking storm drains seeks to curb stormwater pollution through hands-on service learning techniques like storm drain stenciling and marking. Storm drain marking is the labeling of storm drain inlets with messages that make people aware not to dump anything down the drain.

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