Zoning Amendments, Variances, & Special Exception Requests

Any application submitted to Planning & Zoning to amend the text of the Ordinance, the Land Use Plan or the Official Zoning Map shall be submitted in writing to the Planning & Zoning Staff at least forty-five (45) days before any hearing by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Any application that does not include all of the components required in Sections 114.1.2, 114.1.3 and/or 114.1.4 shall be considered incomplete; submission date shall be considered the date upon which the application is accepted as complete by the Planning and Zoning staff.

A pre-application conference is required for all petitions submitted for Pubic Hearing. All applicants must meet with a member of the Planning and Zoning staff to discuss the application procedures, the public hearing process, and any other information which may be pertinent to the proposed request. Applications will not be accepted until a pre-application conference has been held. Conferences may be handled via telephone at the discretion of staff.

To obtain an application, or to schedule a pre-application conference, please contact Darin Curtis with the Department of Community Development by email at dcurtis@wrga.gov or by phone at (478) 302-5522.