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Warner Robins GA
700 Watson Blvd.
Warner Robins, GA 31093
Ph: 478-293-1000
Fx: 478-929-1957
Youth Baseball & Softball
Games cancelled May 22nd, 23rd, and 24th have been rescheduled as follows:

May 25     7:45     Mdgt B  Braves          at     Mets                Whitaker

May 31     6:00     MMG     Red Sox        at     Angels (PC)       N. Peach B
Wed.        7:00     MMG     L. Panthers (P) at  Tigers (PC)        N. Peach B

June 1      6:00     Blast     Storm           at     Rascals            Smith
Thurs.      6:50     Mini 2    Blue Jays       at     Brewers           Smith

June 2      6:00     Mdgt G  Twins           at     Bulldogs (PC)     N. Peach 2
Fri.          7:15     Jr/Sr G   Rays            at     Cubs (PC)         N. Peach 2

June 5      6:00     Mdgt G  Cubs            at      Angels (WR)      Memorial 2
Mon.         Your game will continue from the point at which it stopped.  There are 15 minutes remaining in
                the game

              6:45      Jr/Sr G  Royals           at     Angels              Memorial 2

June 7      7:00      Sr B     Yankees         at     Cardinals           Perkins

Games cancelled May 20th, 22nd, and 23rd have been rescheduled as follows:

May 25     7:00     MMB      Red Sox        at     A's (P)             Rozar

May 30     6:00     Mini 1     Cardinals      at      Scrappers        Smith
Tues.       7:00     Mini 1     A's              at      Rivercats         Smith

June 1      6:00     MMB      A's (WR)       at      Patriots (P)      Rozar

June 2      6:00     MMB      Dodgers        at      Rockies            Smith
Fri.          7:00     MMB      A's (P)          at      Orioles             Smith

               6:00     Mite G   Tigers           at      Rockies            Memorial 2
               7:15     Mdgt G  Angels (PC)   at       Cubs               Memorial 2
               8:30     Jr/Sr G   Royals          at      Angels             Memorial 2

June 3      11:30    Mite B   Rockies         at      Brewers            Ted Wright 2
Sat.         12:45    Mite B   Yankees        at      White Sox         Ted Wright 2

               2:40     MMB      Cubs            at      Mets                Tanner 1

June 5      6:00      Mite B    Cardinals      at      Rockies            Ted Wright 2
               6:00     Mini 2     Cougars       at      Rockies             Ted Wright 3
               7:00     Mini 2     Astros         at      Mudcats            Ted Wright 3

               6:00     Mite G     Mets (PC)    at      Braves              Tanner 1
             *7:15     Mite G     Angels (PC)  at      Legends            Tanner 1

               6:00     MMG       Royals (PC)  at      Angels (WR)       Smith

               6:00     Mdgt B    Cardinals      at      White Sox          Whitaker
               7:45     Mdgt B    A's              at      Orioles               Whitaker

               6:00     Sr B        A's              at      Cardinals            Perkins
               8:00     Sr B        Cardinals      at      A's                    Perkins

June 10    9:00      Jr B        Royals          at      Red Sox (PC)      Tanner 2
Sat.        11:00     Jr B        Braves          at      White Sox (PC)   Tanner 2

June 12   *6:00     Jr B        Royals           at      Phillies               Tanner 2
               Your game will continue from the point at which it stopped.  There are 54 minutes remaining in
               the game

Games cancelled April 27th and May 4th have been rescheduled as follows:

May 8      6:00     Blast       Storm          at      Flyers             Smith
Mon.        6:50     Blast      Sneakers      at      Scrappers        Smith

May 9      6:00     Mini 1      A's              at     Cardinals          Smith
Tues.       7:00     Mini 2      Astros         at     Cougars           Smith

May 17     6:00     Mini 2     Cougars        at     Mudcats          Smith
Wed.        7:00     Mini 1     Scrappers     at     Indians            Smith

               6:00    Jr/Sr G    Cubs PC        at     Angels             Memorial 2
               7:30    Jr/Sr G    Royals          at     Rays                Memorial 2

May 18   *6:00     MMG      L. Panthers P at     Suns               Tanner 1
Thurs.      7:00     MMB      Rockies         at     Red Sox           Tanner 1

May 19   *7:15     Mite G    Angels PC      at     Legends          Ted Wright 2

May 20   *9:00     Jr B        Braves          at     White Sox PC   Tanner 2
Sat.      *11:00     Jr B       Royals           at     Phillies            Tanner 2

May 24     6:00     Mdgt G   Cubs            at     Angels WR       Memorial 2
Wed.        7:15     Jr/Sr G   Royals          at     Angels             Memorial 2

May 25     6:00     Mdgt G   Twins           at     Angels PC        N. Peach 2

June 3    *1:40     MMG       Angels WR     at    Suns               Tanner 1

Huddle Up
Our Program
The Warner Robins Recreation Department offers an inspiring Baseball and Fast Pitch Softball program for boys and girls ages 4 – 17!

Our program provides an opportunity for youth to participate in a fun, organized, and safe environment. Emphasis is placed on having fun while learning basic skills of the game. 


Registration for the 2017 Youth Baseball and Fast Pitched Softball will begin February 13th.  Registration hours will be as follows: February 13th – February 17th 8:00 am -7:00pm and beginning February 20th 8:00am-5:00pm.  Registration will be held Mon.-Fri. until leagues are filled.

Age Restrictions
A birth certificate is required upon registration unless it is currently on file.

The age control date is December 31, 2016 for girls and April 30, 2017 for boys. Please note there are NO exceptions to the age control date.

Each child will be issued a shirt and hat, which they will keep. Participants must furnish their own shoes, socks, and shorts/pants.

Registration fees are as follows:

Blastball $25 (City) $35 (County/Out of County)
T-Ball $45 (City) $80 (County) $110 (Out of County)
Baseball $45 (City) $80 (County) $110 (Out of County)
Fast Pitch $45 (City) $80 (County) $110 (Out of County)

The Baseball and Fast Pitch season runs end of March through mid-May. Practices will be held throughout the county. Games will be located at Ferguson Park, Tanner Park, Ted Wright Park, Memorial Park, and Perkins Park. Some age groups may have games in Perry or Byron.

Blastball, Age 4
This is a fundamental program that offers an introduction to T-Ball. Children will learn the basics of fielding the ball, hitting off a tee, and which way to run. This is a co-ed league. No score is kept.

T-Ball, Ages 5 & 6
This is a fundamental program that focuses on the different fielding positions and increasing hand/eye coordination. This is a co-ed league. No score is kept.

Mighty Mite Boys and Girls, Ages 7 & 8
Each team’s coach will pitch to his/her own team.

Mite Girls, Ages 9 & 10
Children will begin a modified fast pitch style.

Mite Boys, Ages 9 & 10
A pitching machine is used for this age group.

Midget, Ages 11 – 13; and Junior Girls, Ages 14 – 17
Regulation Fast Pitch

Midget, Ages 11 & 12; Junior, Ages 13 & 14; and Senior Boys, Ages 15 – 17
Regulation Baseball with some pitching restrictions on the number of innings/pitches a child can throw.

For Online Registration Click Here.